Piero Rondolino

The creator

of Acquerello

" To me quality is a commitment to constancy and consistency, with a standard that is subjective, different from all the others. "

The Rice

The Rondolino Family

Rooted in rice tradition

  • Since 1935, when Cesare Rondolino bought Tenuta Colombara, the Rondolino family has dedicated its life to rice farming.

  • After creating Acquerello in 1990’s, Piero Rondolino has been helped by all family members in this endeavor: by his wife Maria Nava, his sons Rinaldo and Umberto and his daughter Anna.

  • Today Acquerello represents an Italian excellence worldwide thanks to its uniqueness and extraordinary quality. From Livorno Ferraris our rice reaches every place, from New Zealand to Peru.

Anna Rondolino
Communication & Visual identity

Maria Nava Rondolino

Rinaldo Rondolino
Rice grower

Umberto Rondolino
Research & development

Piero Rondolino

The rice growers' family

Innovating traditions

famiglia Rondolino
  • “Acquerello is the Rolls Royce of rice”

    Alain Ducasse

  • “Acquerello reaches levels that more than one chef

    never may dream about”

    Gianfranco Vissani

  • “Acquerello is one of the very last

    authentic products”

    Thomas Keller

  • “This rice has more aroma”

    Thomas Keller

The Museum of rice culture

The memory of tradition

The school, houses and workshops

In these rooms, everything was placed as it would have been found when the farmstead-world was alive.

The dorm of rice weeders

In this room the old spirit of rice growing relives, when rice was cultivated and harvested with no machinery.