The famous French artist Guillaume Long - contributor for Le Monde and Gallimard amongst the others, and author of À boire et à mangerone of the most followed food blogs in France - has designed a limited edition of the Acquerello tin insert. 

This project is born out of the encounter between Guillaume and Umberto and Anna Rondolino at Tenuta Colombara. 

"I have wonderful memories of my visit at Tenuta Colombara - recalls Guillaume - the beauty of the buildings, the warm welcome by the Rondolino family. It's with great honor and unconcealed pleasure that i accepted to illustrate these tins. I have used the watercolor technique, both for the special consideration for the brand, but also because water and rice are intimately bonded."

"It has been an honor for us to have Guillaume's illustrations on our packaging - explained Umberto and Anna, who greatly desired this project - as his unique sign and style underline our relationship with creative and international excellence. The care, quality and uniqueness of our product is perfectly portrayed by Guillaume's three illustrations and distinctive sign."

The new limited edition of the Acquerello tin will be available in the most exclusive food stores and on our online store starting from today.